Welcome to okta

We don’t shy away from complex projects or challenges; we will work hard to bring your vision to life.

We continually improve our processes and delivery methods.

We strive to produce work of the highest quality.
OKTA establishes high quality, inspirational spaces where people live, work, and have fun. We offer customized solutions with support from our unique network for the construction projects, as well as providing expertise in the supply chain along with our deep industry knowledge.


In-house Specialist Services

Throughout the entire project lifecycle, we use internal delivery teams wherever possible to reduce risk, control costs, and speed up on-site mobilisation and delivery. From substructure works to build stages, fit-out, and M&E Management, our philosophy allows us to be flexible and responsive, overcoming any challenges we may face in our pursuit of bringing your vision to life.

Engineering Capabilities

With professional knowledge and proven experience working in challenging structural projects, we can deliver all modern structural systems.
Our in-house design team has architectural solutions and working design experience for a wide range of building types including high-end residential projects, high rise buildings, business and trade centers, and public buildings.

Innovative Construction Solutions

Our commitment to using the latest construction methods has seen us embrace BIM, BIM Execution Plans to improve the quality of our solutions while saving time and reducing costs for our customers. By working closely with design teams and our specialist supply chain, we can offer off-site solutions.
OKTA Construction