Creating Comfortable and Sophisticated Modern Living at Blenheim Road Luxury Development

We are thrilled to present the latest update on our prestigious project in London’s esteemed Blenheim Road. As Okta Construction, we have embarked on the transformation of a magnificent Victorian building into a collection of 7 exquisite flats and 2 elegant townhouses, perfectly situated in the heart of Raynes Park.

At Okta Construction, we understand that the success of any project lies in its foundation. The completion of the first fix works provides us with a solid base upon which we will build the distinctive features and luxurious finishes defining the Blenheim road development.  Each aspect has been carefully addressed to ensure the utmost quality and functionality, and our commitment to paying careful attention to detail ensures a seamless progression, bringing us one step closer to creating extraordinary homes.

We’ve also completed all roofing and structural works starting the second fixing phase of the project.

As we start the second fixing phase, the main focus will be on refining every aspect of these homes. From the selection of high-quality materials to the meticulous craftsmanship, our goal is to create spaces that surpass expectations and provide a truly remarkable living experience.

We are excited about the progress and anticipate the unveiling of the final results. Make sure to follow OKTA Construction on both Instagram and LinkedIn for more information.